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Marathon, 2010

We had been calling the city marina in Marathon, FL, every few days to see if there were any places for another boat, ours! After about 16 days in Key West, about 9 more than the visit required, slots opened up so we bolted on Tuesday and headed east, making the trip in one day with daylight to spare.

The first night here we had a miracle, something that had never happened in my month in 2009: a hot shower. The new bath house had opened and they must have more hot water capacity than the three old showers had because last year if the water was within 15 degrees of 98.6 it was a very good shower. They also have a new, second dinghy dock and a new laundry room. Pretty upscale compared to last year, but still a bargain for a secure mooring.

Even with the crowd of boats having thinned out, there are still lots of boats here. I had forgotten how close together the mooring balls are. It's rather like being in a city tenement ... when you see another boat through a porthole, without any spatial perspective, it seems that there will have to be a collision; there never is but it's still always a surprise.

We recognized some of the same boats from last year in the same locations. Judging by the number of cars in the parking lot there must be a lot of folks who "live" here full time on their boats. Most of the people we've met have been very nice and pleasant. Some of the full timers seem to take a very proprietary sense of ownership about the marina, i.e. it's theirs. These defenders of the faith are always ready to point out an interloper's infractions and failings, real or perceived, with all the sensitivities of the average Torquemada but without the good manners and breeding. Hopefully we will not be here too long.

All sailboats are beautiful, some are just more beautiful than others. All have the look, all have the line where form and function combine to capture the wind and to master the water. I cannot say the same for this boat. It is truly ugly; if it had a mother, its mother would think it's ugly. On the other hand, it's probably a wonderful boat, designed from the inside out. http://greatharbourtrawlers.com/gh37.html

One of the many things I thought never to see on a sailboat, let alone a dinghy, is this: a wheel chair. There is a story behind this, a 10 year old boy with a very rare degenerative disease. It must take an unusual amount of courage to undertake such a journey. But what a triumph .... living the life you choose to live instead of the one conventional wisdom dictates. Carol actually met the boy while all were at the grocery store and talked with him for a while. http://www.migo.ca/spip.php?article42

Of course, today, March 25th, was special: Carol's birthday. As her mother related the story, and she should know, after all, Carol was born on March 25th, 1946 which means that Carol is now 64. Carol was a birthday princess with her little birthday princess tiara and her special gift T-shirt, purchased for 1/2 price at the local Salvation Army Store. We celebrated with Jay and Sue going out to a newish restaurant on the water, a very nice evening.

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four.
The Beatles


Now that Spring is here, we're hoping for a weather window of some kind before too very long. We've checked and there are some possible "buddy boats" with whom we might sail. Regardless, we're going to the Bahamas and getting the stamp on our brand new passports. The next blog entry, whenever it comes, will be from The Bahamas.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL and many more! Have a safe and great trip to the Bahamas, and give us a shout if you come back our way....Love, Jean and Les

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