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Wrong again! I know what gin & tonic weather is .... this is it. So, having no gin, no limes and no tonic we solved the problem by going to a restaurant with a happy hour. A good solution since Carol did not need to cook. Why were there restaurants available? We had to clear customs in Canada and, improbably Vancouver, BC turned out to be the easiest option. For all the angst and worries, Carol did it over the phone. We could have been calling from Mars and it would have been the same. A lot of wasted time and effort.

On the plus side when we awoke this morning, it wasn't due to any loud thump. We also saw something that I would have thought impossible: bright sunlight and glassy water. Somewhere, under all those cumulus clouds in Vancouver. When we arrived the clouds had gone away.


When we were having our boat familiarization the young lady mentioned that this Tartan has a very large rudder. I filed that thought in the bin labeled why did she think I need to know that. Now, after a couple of days on the water I get it. That rudder is hyper responsive; unless you have a death grip on the helm when you look down to see a chart or shift your shoulders you are way of course.This boat has an unusual type of propulsion called sail drive (too complicated to explain). So that may have something to do with it. The good thing is that I figured out how to use the autopilot in a selective manner rather that automatically. The auto pilot never moves looks down to see a chart or shifts its shoulders.

This is a beautiful boat, the one I would really liked to have had: a dark blue hull with a gold stripe. It's sort of like a trophy wife, she looks good and is good only at looking good. Living on it for six months would be like asking the trophy wife to make a Thanksgiving dinner for ten guests. It would not turn out well. Two weeks is fine.


After Sunday's disaster with the mainsail we got up the courage to try to deploy the foresail. It must have been a miracle, Got it out. Took it in. No hay problemas. With that as a positive trend we'll try the mainsail again tomorrow. I'll use my rules rather than the owners'.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we'll almost be to the really good parts. The detour to Vancouver probably on;y added 10 -12 nm. That doesn't sound like much but on a boat it means another two hours of travel time. Regardless, will be entering a cellular free zone.

This cruise is our version of a 50th anniversary treat. No luxury liners for us. Here we were on Sunday, heading to Point Roberts in the cold and rain. Will these people never learn?

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